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How to Open Your Third Eye

How to Open Your Third Eye

The spiritual journey usually starts with a catalyst that causes you to view life differently. Typically, your change of perspective is due to your third eye opening. When this happens, your whole world shifts.

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About the Third Eye

Your third eye chakra is in charge of your intuition and spiritual essence.  This is why those who desire to live a spiritual life place so much emphasis on the third eye.  It is the chakra where you begin to connect with Source/Universe/God/Creator energy, and is also where you are able to use this energy to bring your ideas and thoughts into physical form.  This is called manifesting.

Accidental Opening of the Third Eye

As I mentioned in the subtitle, many people experience an accidental opening of their third eye.  This usually happens when the person is in a very low or stuck place in life.  For example, the person could be suffering from addiction, a life-threatening medical condition or extreme financial instability.  At this time, they are likely at one of their lowest points in life.  They likely surrender to whatever may be, and it is at this moment of surrender that the awakening begins.  

There are other catalysts that may open your third eye.  Some of these include:

  • near-death experiences 
  • spontaneous awakening after consistent meditation 
  • spontaneous awakening after consistent yoga
  • awakening after an energetic detox
  • any other extreme event that causes you to question life and your purpose here on Earth
My third eye chakra opened and activated after a series of lay-offs in what I thought was my dream career coupled with serious heartbreak.  After these catalysts, I decided to go on a cleanse to release toxic energy from my body, and that is when I woke up.

Ways to Intentionally Open Your Third Eye

Now that more and more people are waking up (mostly) spontaneously, others are trying to spark their awakenings intentionally.  You can spark your own awakening and open your third eye by focusing on it during meditation.  It sits right in between your eyebrows, so focus your eyes to that area when meditation.  Adding the color indigo to your life will also help the process as the frequency of indigo directly correlates with the frequency of your third eye.  Lastly, you can listen to 852 Hz frequency as this is also correlates with your third eye.

Decalcifying your pineal and pituitary glands is also a way to help open and activate your third eye. 

To decalcify these glands:

  • avoid using fluoride toothpaste or drinking bottled water that contains fluoride (does my bottled water contain fluoride?)
  • eat clean foods like raw fruits, vegetables and nuts (the less processed the food, the better) 
  • always make sure to clean your fruits and vegetables with a wash that removes pesticide residue (start here & then search Thieves Fruit and Veggie Wash)
  • stop using toxic products like household cleaners, air fresheners, detergents, candles, perfumes, makeup and lotion and switch to non-toxic options (start your detox here)
  • sun gaze for a few minutes in the early morning 
  • use a meditation eye mask for total darkness to sink deeper into your meditative state as consistent meditation helps decalcify these glands
  • meditate on your pituitary gland and then meditate on your pineal gland; they are connected in your brain so follow the energy from the pituitary to the pineal gland in a nice rainbow arch

The Chakras are a System

Lastly, the chakra system is a system. It’s great to open the third eye as the initial moment of your awakening, but ignoring the rest of the chakras can leave you feeling stuck. You will feel awake, but you will feel frustrated because you aren’t using your energy properly to consistently manifest.  Make sure to honor all of the chakras as equal because they are.  One chakra is not more important than the other when it comes to your manifesting power.

Get this 52 Week Affirmation & Gratitude Journal to balance and activate each of your chakras.  Then, use this Manifestation Tracker to bring all of your brilliant thoughts and ideas into your physical world!

Need More Help?

Balancing and activating your chakra system is the most rewarding thing you can do for yourself.  Once activated, you know how to heal yourself with your own energy, you become so calm and joyful, and you know how to use your energy to manifest your dreams into reality. 

You no longer rely on the medical system.  You no longer rely on anything outside of yourself and your faith.  It’s so freeing and powerful. 

Balance your entire chakra system is this self-paced healing course for only $99.

with love & light,

Your Energy & Spiritual Business Coach Lindsay

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