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Ways to Love Yourself More

If you landed here, it’s likely you already read Ways to Love Yourself and have some developed some pretty amazing habits.  If so, I’m proud of you!  It takes courage and discipline to develop the habits in that article, but it is so worth it for a better, high vibrational life.

If you missed that article, I recommend you read it first, but it’s not necessary.

Let's dive into ways to love yourself even more!


This is one of my favorite ways to love myself because I’m taking the time to invest in myself and my skills!  I am a very curious soul and a perpetual learner.  But what good is learning something if you don’t ever apply it?  I also think that we don’t really know something until we can teach it or implement it.


Another reasoning I like this tip is because I learned once that we can slow the aging process by creating new circuits in our brain.  How do we create new circuits in our brain?  By learning!  Another way is by doing something differently than you normally would like brush your teeth with your non-dominant hand or comb your hair while standing on one leg.


Steven Ross was featured on Open Minds with Regina Meredith on an episode titled Alchemy & Imagination where he discussed how much our imagination helps create our life.  So, we might as well get creative…and creating!

I believe that creativity helps us live a longer, happier, healthier, more fulfilled life.  Most humans spend 40+ hours a week working a job they hate, they come home to a routine and then go to bed and repeat.  Instead of that, I challenge each of you reading this to find a creative hobby to add to your routine.  Bring joy to your life with a creative hobby!


This one is tough, but once you break free from your past hurt, you have increased your frequency.  There are so many different books and podcasts and videos on forgiveness.  Pick one and start learning!

This is what worked for me:

I wrote on a piece of paper “I no longer want to feel this pain caused by “Jim”.”  On another piece of paper, I wrote what I did want.  “I want to feel whole again, release my pain and trust myself and Jim.”

I ripped up the first piece of paper that contained what I no longer wanted into tiny little pieces and threw the pieces away.  I kept the other piece of paper with what I did want on my desk where I would see it every day.  Any time I found myself going back to that fear and pain, I looked at that piece of paper and reminded myself what I truly wanted deep down and worked hard to let the feeling go.

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